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My day in Rome was almost screwed up by Tom Ford Franklin and my Air Optix Colors contact lenses, as these brands are key parts of my travel essentials and I thought I left my toiletries bag at home in NYC. Rome was not built in a day, and despite all the things there are to do in Rome as a first timer, I wanted to do Rome in one day. I flew into Rome the night before via a comfortable Virgin Atlantic flight and checked into a Starwood property in Rome at 10pm.

The plan: get up early the next morning and be one of the first people in line at the Vatican. If The Vatican and Saint Peters Basilica were done by noon, I’d make it through the must see places by 6pm and make it to Fiumicino Airport for my 9pm Aegean Airlines Flight to Santorini.

When your day starts at 7am, and ends at midnight in a different country, you have to consider the weather for the entire day, not just the current weather. Of course I packed for the trip using TheVane app, which aggregates and tells me the minimum amount of clothes and accessories that I can pack and be comfortable on the trip. I also got my day started with my cappuccino. Staying stylish in Rome is a necessity so I packed my Air Optix Colored contact lenses, which of course allowed me to wear my new Warby Parker Franklins. These contacts are amazing for how they ramp up your look and still look very natural. I wore these really comfy Tom Ford sneakers, black Mango jeans, tee shirt, a denim jacket, and in true tourist fashion, had my map with me!

I got done with the Vatican by 10am, and headed over to St Peters for a climb to the top / my workout of the day.  It is 320 stairs to the top, but if you are adventurous like I am and want to go to the top of the Michaelangelo’s dome it adds another 171 stairs for a total of 491 stairs. I was done at the Vatican by 11:30am, and went for a pizza and gelato lunch!

By 1pm, I was ready to take on the rest of Rome. Between 1pm and 6pm, I visited the Pantheon, then the Spanish Steps, then Campo de’ Fiori, before taking a short break. Trevi Fountain was under construction so I decided to save that visit for another trip! I then visited Piazza Navona, and went to the fashion district of Via Del Corso for a little window-shopping, before heading over to the Colloseum to cap off my day in Rome. I may not have done everything, but I proved that Rome can be done in one day. It helps if you are dressed comfortably!

Apple Foray Into Lifestyle

Apple strikes again! The first innovative product in the Tim Cook era, has scored an A grade. Now the smart watch is ready to be a mainstream product. Patience is a virtue, at least when it comes to creating incredible products. Just like Apple was not the first to create the tablet, they also did not rush to create the first smart watch. Apple did not do what everybody expected them to do, which is take the iPhone experience and put it on a watch. They did what Apple does best, which is re-imagine and create breakthrough user experiences. They spent a lot of time with the fashion experts, horological experts, health experts, and users. A simple but extremely innovative breakthrough is the conversion of the rotary dial to a digital crown. This changes everything and leverages already existing user behaviors.

The ability to share your actual heartbeat takes emoji to a new and real level. Some other really cool things about the Apple Watch are:

-Apple Pay

-Tells your daily activity

-Customizable straps for all tastes

-It senses you are raising your wrist and activates the display

Did I say fashion experts were involved in the creation of this product? There will be many opportunities for lifestyle brands and tech companies to build beautiful apps on the Apple Watch. As a co-founder of TheVane, a practical lifestyle app, I for sure would love to leverage this beautiful and relevant new product to continue to simplify and enrich people’s lives through TheVane.

Chubi Nwagbara

Co-founder, TheVane

Stay ahead of the pack this season

There are 9.5 million results on “how to pack a suitcase” when you search Google. In the spirit of the LIST, here are a few key ideas to guide your packing behavior:

1) Pack the light alternative. If booties work instead of knee length boots, pack them, and re-use the re-usable clothing like jeans. You will feel more secure and flexible keeping track of your bags, and not struggling with many bags

2) Put smaller things is larger things. For example, socks, deodorant and watches can go into shoes.

3) Lay out everything you want, and pack half because it saves money. You’ll be happy when you dont have to pay porters to carry your bags, or baggage check fees

TheVane September Giveaway!

Happy September and happy unofficial start of Fall! With New York Fashion Week this week and to start the Fall, we’ve teamed up with a few Boston bloggers to host a $200 giveaway to one of our favorite stores for fall staples, ZARA. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!


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7 Must have pieces to get you through Fall weather unpredictability in style

We know you are thinking about what you need to make it through the daily unpredictability of Fall weather, so we took the liberty of putting together a list of key pieces you will get good use out of this season. 
These pieces will get you through the weather looking very stylish, and we guarantee a lot of compliments!
Biker Jacket: The more fitted the better. Loose fitting was an 80s trend. This one is pretty amazing!

Knee High Boots: More for the fashion daring. They also look great with a chunky sweater. This one is pretty cool

Capes: Go well with anything from leggings to skinny jeans. See the pairing with knee length boots above. See this one

Trench: Try a nylon trench or find a great belt for your trench

Tuxedo Jacket: This jacket looks great layered over a basic T-shirt or dressed up with a statement necklace. Check this one out

Ribbed Sweaters: Super versatile. Shopstyle

Umbrellas: It will be a rainy fall… might as well step out in a fun umbrella. These are the coolest ones


Photographed by Jon Cardwell in Antalya



Photographed by Jon Cardwell in Antalya

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